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All Haryana Inter-Engineering Colleges Team Chess Championship


             "1st All Haryana Inter-Engineering colleges team chess championship" is aimed at bringing up the chess talent among the budding engineers. It will be held along with the National Level Technical Festival "TECHNOVA 2003" at CRSCE Murthal. (visit

Participation criteria

It is a team championship, and following rules hold.

1.        Only the engineering colleges situated in Haryana can participate.
2.        Only one team per college is allowed.
3.        Each team can have four playing and two reserve players.
4.        All the players should be regular students of that college.


It is important to register your college before 25th March 2003, so that we can arrange for your stay accordingly. For registration e-mail the following details...

              COLLEGE's NAME
              TEAM MEMBERS                                   

 The tournament will be held from 28th to 30th March 2003, and you need to report before 28th March 2003, 11:00 AM. Failing which your registration may be cancelled.You also have to bring an official letter of participation from your college.


              SWISS LEAGUE format will be followed. All international FIDE rules for playing will be followed, but the time controls will vary. Rounds and timings will be declared later.


*  Each team should bring two chess sets and a chess clock with them.
*  Registration charges of 150/- per member will be taken when you arrive. It will cover the boarding and lodging for the three days.
*  All team members are free to participate in the events of TECHNOVA 2003, during free time!!!



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