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The Body


        The ‘Chaturangam Chess Club’ was formed in April 2002. The main purpose of forming the club was to popularize the game of Chess among the students of CRSCE Murthal, and to regularly conduct annual ‘college chess championship’ and other proposed tournaments in college.


            The club was founded by Suneet Singh (99/CSE/123), in April 2002. The club is named after the chess software ‘Chaturangam’ developed by the founder himself, which is acclaimed to be the ‘FIRST INDIAN CHESS SOFTWARE’. The software has won many software competitions at various technical festivals. It was in news at a top Indian chess website and is downloadable at the website and

The Executive Body (2002-2003)

            The club has a well defined constitution, rules for conducting tournaments etc. The present body of the club stands as follows... 

                        PRESIDENT                          Dr. B. P. Malik, (Lecturer-Physics)

                        VICE-PRESIDENT               Mrs. Santosh Sandhu (Lady DPE)

                        SECRETARY                        Suneet Singh (Final yr. CSE)

Working Body

            Final year:                     Ruchi Garg, Arvind Verma, Vijesh Kukreja.

            Third year:                    Ashutosh Ganju, Ashok Rana, Naveen Kumar.

            Second Year:                Saurabh Goyal, Mukul Sachdeva, Sangeeta Dabas,

                                                  Abhishek Madan, Aarti Bathla.

General body 

            The general body of the club is open for all students of CRSCE Murthal. You just have to contact the authorities of the club and get yourself registered. The members gets the following facilities… 

  1. They will be given the chess lectures and tutorials.
  2. They will get the latest information about the club activities and about the tournaments in and outside the college.
  3. They will be provided with various national chess magazines for reading and books for studying chess.
  4. Monthly chess news bulletin will be distributed among the members.

          And much more…


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