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Hall of Fame


Chess Software

        Murthalites have contributed a lot to Indian Chess. The First Indian Chess Software has been developed by a student of CRSCE Murthal, and has shown the path for others to surge ahead in this field.

Check for more on...     Chaturangam, The First Indian Chess software.


Apart from the college chess championships, murthalites have won the following tournaments during their study years in the college.

Position Tournament
Joint 5th All India FIDE Rated, Saharanpur (2000)
Joint Winner Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Cup, DELHI Under-20 (2000)
Winner 1st All Haryana Inter-Engineering Colleges Chess Championship (2000-01)
Winner 3rd District Sonepat Chess Tournament, Open Category (1999-00)
Third 3rd District Sonepat Chess Tournament, Open Category (1999-00)
Third Haryana State Rapid Chess Championship, Meham (2000)
Winner 4th District Sonepat Chess Tournament, Open Category (2000-01)
Best Female Player 4th District Sonepat Chess Tournament, Open Category (2000-01)

The college chess champion of 2000-01 has also represented the Mahrishi Dayanand University, Rohtak's Chess Team, at All-India Inter-University Team Chess Championship, BODH GAYA (2001)

Simul’ the special event!

     After each Chess Championships of college was held a special event 'Simul'. You know what it means! The winner of the championship had to be given the privilege of playing it! According to the rules fixed for this event, the winner will move in a circular order to play the games. He/she has limited time, and has to complete all the games in it. If any game is left unfinished after the time limit gets over, it is counted against the winner. So, the winner has to run a lot!!

The following were the results...   (See Photo Gallery)

Winner v/s Next fifteen placed players (toughest possible opposition!)

3rd CRSCE Chess Championship. (2nd October 2002)

Time Limit: 1 1/2 hour   

Winner's Final Score:                          15 Wins, no draw, no loss!!

2nd CRSCE Chess Championship. (5th April 2002)

Time Limit: 1 1/2 hour                                                                                        

Winner's Final Score:                          14 Wins, 1 draw, no loss

1st CRSCE Chess Championship. (26th September 2000)

Time Limit: 1 hour                                                                                        

Winner's Final Score:                          11 Wins, 2 losses, 2 losses on time



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